01. Jerusalem is considered a [holy] city by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.
02. The site of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is considered [holy] ground to the believers of Islam.
03. The Syrians are calling for a jihad, or [holy] war on their enemies.
04. Mecca is the site of Islam's [holiest] shrine.
05. Christmas and Easter are probably the two [holiest] days in the Christian calendar.
06. To the native people, the shaman is a [holy] man - kind of a mix between a priest and a doctor.
07. Hippocrates once said that things that are [holy] are revealed only to men who are [holy].
08. As this country becomes more multicultural, the national celebration of Christian [holy] days seems increasingly inappropriate.
09. The American government was criticized for bombing Afghanistan on a Muslim [holy] day.
10. Non-Muslims are barred from the [holy] cities of Mecca and Medina.
11. The [holy] family in the Christian religion consists of Mary (Christ's mother), Joseph (her husband) and Jesus Christ himself.
12. Christmas is one of the [holiest] days in the Christian calendar, but for many people it no longer has any religious importance.
13. An Arab proverb notes that the most useful [holy] war is the one fought against your own passions.
14. In May of 1984, Indian troops stormed the Golden Temple at Amritsar, the Sikh's [holiest] shrine, killing an estimated 1,000 people.
15. The [holy] writings of the Jewish faith are said to reveal how God has been present with them throughout their history.
16. Sathya Sai Baba once observed that hands that help are [holier] than lips that pray.

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